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remembering summer

it’s crazy to think that 2018 is coming to a close. but here we are nearing the end of november. with thanksgiving just behind us, i’ve been feeling extra grateful for each day that we were able to spend flowering and for each bride that entrusted us with the task.

we just got some photos from some of our mid-summer weddings and it brought back all the feelings of perfectly warm days spent at tin cup farm getting ready for this all white wedding out at old bethany.

as we enter into colder days and threats of frost, i strain to think back to the end of june. but then it comes back ever so clearly. 

high summer had just begun and the coolness of spring was just a passing thought. my sister lillie had arrived into town to spend a couple weeks in texas and was a happy addition as an extra set of hands for the upcoming wedding.

we made our way down to buffalo singing kasey musgrave songs, eating dairy queen blizzards (a small town staple in texas) and watching the wind blow through the open fields. i honestly believe that there is something therapeutic about driving down two lane farm-to-market highways in texas. but my favorite bit of the drive is the last bit of aelish’s driveway. upon hearing the car bumbling up the gravel drive, their four dogs spot us and begin to run over to the car, howling to make our arrival know. they make up an eager welcome committee and before you make it out of the car you are surrounded and met with kisses and nuzzles —a greeting that feels like home.

before work began in earnest, aelish took us up and down the rows of the garden at tin cup farm. as we wandered through rows filled with cosmos, gomphrena, roses and the like we decided what we would use for the upcoming wedding and chatted about garden things. and then we got to work and flowered the days away, which was a perfect way to spend the summer days.


we loved working at old bethany. the space is filled with the most magical light and a perfect blank canvas to work with.

sarah was such a wonderful client to work with. she is elegant and radiates a calm, thoughtful spirit and is filled with effortless grace.  aelish created for her a delicate all-white bouquet filled with roses, peonies, scabiosa, queen anne’s lace and a hint of blue with hyssop. the epitome of summer wedding. the bouquet was tied with silk ribbons of french blue and white. 

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